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Khan - German Shepherd

Khan is a seven year old German Shepherd Dog. He suffers from CDRM, a condition specific to this breed. The equivalent condition in humans is Multiple Sclerosis. His owner Fay writes: 

Khan was diagnosed with Degenerative Myelopathy in July 2007 which was devastating news for myself and my husband. We wanted to do everything we could to slow down the progression of the disease and along with exercise, herbal supplements and homeopathy we decided to try acupuncture, to relieve the soreness in his back caused by the fact that his spine had to take more weight to support the hind legs.

At this point we were sceptical that the dog would survive the next couple of months as he looked very poor and weak and was deteriorating before our eyes. After the first session of acupuncture I could see that I was getting my dog back! He became livelier, more mobile and much, much stronger. At the start Khan was having weekly acupuncture treatments, and under Emma's advice we managed to reduce it gradually, and 6 months later he is having a maintenance session once every four weeks.

Khan looks fantastic at the moment, I fully believe the acupuncture has given him a new lease of life, 99% of people would not know there was anything wrong with him!!!

I wholeheartedly recommend acupuncture as a treatment for your animal, and can thoroughly recommend Emma, as without her I would have lost my dog months ago.

Rupert - Cat

Rupert is a gorgeous 8 year old cat. Sadly he was hit by a car in 2002 and sustained a fracture to the neck of his femur. His owner Laura, a veterinary nurse, writes: 

Rupert underwent surgery after his accident to treat his fracture. Sadly the surgery was unsuccessful and despite repeated operations over the following few years he was left with a very painful arthritic hip and a sore back.

In 2007 Rupert was put onto oral anti inflammatory painkillers but had a severe reaction to them and became extremely ill, even requiring a blood transfusion at the Royal Veterinary College. In early 2008 I took him to see a specialist at Bristol University who prescribed an oral opioid painkiller and suggested I try acupuncture. The opioids helped but weren't really a suitable long term treatment option.

Rupert had his first acupuncture session with Emma in May 2008. He had been in such pain for so long that he required a light sedation. He was sore the following day but despite this I saw a change in his demeanour and an improvement in his appetite. After his second treatment he started to play more, roll over to have his tummy tickled and even run around. He hasn't required oral opioids since the day after his first treatment. I am so pleased with his response so far and now hopeful that he will be able to lead a normal life without the need for painkillers in the future.

Jack - West Highland White Terrier

Jack is a 15 year old West Highland White Terrier. He was rehomed to his dedicated owners, Irena and Giovanni, four years ago. Jack has a complicated medical history, with longstanding bowel problems and an immune mediated condition affecting the skin around his bottom. These problems are controlled with medication but he also has a history of rupturing BOTH his cruciate ligaments many years ago, before Irena and Giovanni owned him. These injuries had left him walking, as described by his owners, as if wearing high heels and with muscle spasm in his back and thigh muscles. Irena writes: 

"Jack has many health issues, his back legs probably his biggest one. Since starting his acupuncture sessions he has improved greatly, I see a much happier and more playful little Westie. Before he spent a lot of his time sleeping, or just laying around with his eyes open, and I knew he was in a lot of discomfort and pain. I must admit I didn't have much belief in acupuncture but was willing to try anything that might help him. I am glad I had the sense to give it a chance, I don't think Jack would be still mobile today otherwise. Of course he is almost 15 years old, but the fact that he jumps with joy every time you arrive means it's not painful or unpleasant for him, and I see the care and attention you apply to him...!!! Thank You"

Irena Tallu, Cobham, Surrey February 2012

Bumble - Cat

Bumble Bear is my gorgeous 11yr old ginger feline friend. In recent years I noticed him slowing down somewhat. He stopped jumping directly onto windowsills and started using the bed as a 'stepping stone' to the sill. He had stopped playing as regularly and seemed to be sleeping more than usual. On investigation it turns out he has osteoarthritis and pain was more than likely what was stopping him from moving so quick and jumping so readily. He has been receiving acupuncture from Emma for over a year now. Emma is very understanding of Bumbles’ nature and deals with him in a fantastic manner. The difference in his mobility is amazing! He has turned back to his old mischevious and playful self, even chasing his little brother around the house. I am so glad that I have not had to turn to medication and would highly recommend giving Emma and acupuncture a go!

Denise Morris VN, Surrey

Oscar - Boxer

Oscar is an 8 1/2 year old Boxer. He has a underactive thyroid gland, has sustained cruciate ligament damage and more recently was suffering with a forelimb lameness. His owner Sarah, founder of Oscars Organics (see links) writes....

Emma has transformed my dog’s life…I have a Boxer, Oscar, who was just over 8 when she started treating him for lameness in his front left leg and a ‘twisted’ foot.

Around 6 months earlier Oscar suddenly went lame, and didn’t improve with various painkillers and anti- inflammatories. Finally after an x-ray of his lower front legs, he was diagnosed with calcification of the ligaments between the sesamoid bones in the foot. I was told he would be this way for the rest of his life, would get worse with age and that he would require long term pain relief medication

I wasn’t prepared to accept this, so I went in search of alternative measures, knowing in my gut that there was more to it than just the calcification: As fate would have it, I mentioned to a friend I was thinking about acupuncture, and this friend had just been talking to someone who had taken their dog to see a vet who performed acupuncture and had gotten great results – this person turned out to be Emma.

Emma was lovely and Oscar was (and still is) happy to be treated by her. It turned out that most of the muscles along Oscar’s spine and shoulders were all knotted and in spasm – probably as a direct result of walking awkwardly due to the calcification – and this was the main cause of the pain.

Oscar seems to be a ‘work in progress’ and sometimes, after vigorous activity, he can regress slightly and certain back muscles spasm up again. So I take him regularly and, combined with check ups with a chiropracter, we keep him on track. But at least he CAN run around now, and WANTS to play with his friends, something a year ago, I never thought I would see him do again. It’s all about quality of life and getting a balance. And thanks to Emma, he can now live as he should, with a little help from some tiny needles!

If you are in any doubt, go and try it, you have nothing to lose and you may give your pet a new lease of life…

Sarah Preston, Banstead

Tyno - 11 yr old Mastiff

Tyno is certainly a bit of a character. He has been through the wars, suffering with his long standing issue of arthritis, and more recently surviving a stroke.

I was struggling to relive his arthritis pain with the medication (Metacam and Tramadol), when my vet suggested that it may be worth me trying the not so conventional route of acupuncture.

I started the acupuncture sessions with Emma 6 months ago now. On his first session he responded to the "pins" very well, almost not even noticing them. It certainly did not affect his appetite as Emma fed him plenty of treats as he lay there very content full of pins. After the session he slept for most of the day, which is not too unusual for Tyno, however later that evening and the following day the improvement was very noticeable. In my opinion he had responded very well to the acupuncture and it was making a noticeable difference.

I continued with the sessions on a monthly basis until recently, when unfortunately Tyno suffered a stroke. The stroke was very severe and we almost lost him. His back legs had virtually no function and he was unable to stand under his own weight. We struggled to get him back on his feet but after two weeks in hospital we were able to bring him home. He was still very weak and shaky on his back legs so as soon as he returned home Emma came round to give him a top up. Emma then visited every couple of days for the first week and then weekly after that. The results were astonishing and I believe that the acupuncture Tyno received played a very large part in his rehabilitation.

He has just had his fortnightly pin session and would you believe it he is snoozing again, but I am sure he will be up and about very shortly pestering me for treats!!!


Regan & Tyno

March 2013

Rosie - Sealyham Terrier

Our Sealyham Terrier, Rosie, was born with dehydrated spinal discs, a fact we only discovered after she suffered a slipped disc and was subsequently given an MRI.

Thankfully, after a few weeks of crate rest she made a good recovery, but we are now always very conscious of the weakness in her back and the need to avoid impact or stress in that area. Emma's treatment was instrumental in nursing Rosie back to full health, and Rosie continues to see her for regular treatment, in order to keep the back supple and pain-free.

It is extremely reassuring to have Emma assess Rosie on a regular basis, as she can alert us to any issues that, frankly, we would have missed.

Rosie's recovery would have been far less certain without Emma's help and we are very keen that she continues to see Emma on a regular basis.

We would recommend Emma's services without hesitation.

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