Herbal Medicine

Modern veterinary medicine provides us with a huge array of drugs, many of which manage acute problems highly successfully. However, there are a range of chronic conditions that we are sometimes less able to deal with as successfully – it may be that the medicines available cause unacceptable side effects, or simply can't control the symptoms sufficiently to enable you pet to have the quality of life he or she deserves.


I am currently working towards obtaining a post graduate qualification in Western Veterinary Herbal Medicine with the College of Integrative Veterinary Therapies and am happy to now be able to offer herbal medicine consultations, with the permisison of the primary vet.


Western herbal medicine combines traditinal knowledge with modern understanding of the pharmacology of plants and can provide an extremely useful alternative or adjunctive therapeutic option for your pet. Herbal medicine uses an holistic approach, taking into acocunt the patient as a whole rather than just choosing herbs to manage certain symptoms. I particularly like to use herbs for chronic skin and gastrointestinal problems, but please contact me if you would like to discuss whether herbal medicine may be beneficial for your pet!




September 2016: Please note that due to my current workload I am currently unable to accept herbal medicine cases


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