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Now Stocking Nutravet Supplements

I am very pleased to say that I am now an approved stockist of the Nutravet range of supplements.

Nutravet produce a range of extremely high quality products, some of which incorporate herbs. My particular favourites are Nutraquin Plus, a joint support supplement containing the herb Boswellia which has anti inflammatory properties and Nutramed, an excellent supplement for older pets containing Milk Thistle for liver, kidney and pancreatic support, Pine Bark extract which is a rich source of anti oxidants which help support the animals natural ability to control inflammation and Boswellia.

Acupuncture and other Therapies

I primarily use acupuncture to alleviate pain and improve poor mobility associated with musculoskeletal conditions such as osteoarthritis, spinal disease, and following orthopaedic surgeries. Acupuncture can be used safely in conjunction with hydrotherapy, physiotherapy and anti inflammatories such as metacam and rimadyl, sometimes allowing a reduction in dosage that an animal needs to remain comfortable. I have seen paticularly pleasing results in animals receiving a combination of acupuncture and hydrotherapy, particularly when on an under water treadmill.

Hydro Hounds in Coulsdon Surrey is a newly refurbished canine rehabilitation centre with a state of the art treadmill amongst other facilities. The centre is owned and run by Sarah Ayres, a fully qualified veterinary nurse and approved member of the Canine Hydrotherapy Association (CHA), with many years of hydrotherapy experience. Sarah is assisted by a great team of therapists who are also approved CHA members. Work on the treadmill and in the pool can improve muscle strength and tone and improve the range of motion in joints. Further information can be found at


Need Help with Dog Training/Behaviour?

Esher based Natasha Kriklanis, founder of Wolf to Dogs could help!

Ive been treating one of Natasha's dogs, Bonnie, over the last month or so to help her arthritis. Natasha has an amazingly calm, but firm, natural rapport with not only her dogs but her clients too, so if anyone is in need of any behavioural or training advice, contact Natasha!


Feline Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis (OA) in cats as they age is extremely common, and sadly probably under diagnosed. Incidence figures of around 20% in mature cats aged 8-13 years, and up to 90% in senior cats over 14 years of age, have been reported.

Clinical signs of OA in cats can be subtle and therefore difficult for an owner to detect. Your cat may spend more time sleeping which you may simply associate with him or her getting a little older, but in fact, could be due to joint discomfort. Have you noticed your cat using a chair or footstool as a‘stepping’ stone to get to a favourite spot on the sofa or vantage point on the window sill? Has your cat stopped coming upstairs to curl up on the bed with you at night time, instead choosing a warm spot on the ground floor to sleep? If you answered yes then it is possible your cat has OA.

So what can be done? Firstly some simple home adjustments which can make a huge difference to your cats quality of life: softer deeper bedding to support sore joints; making sure litter tray sides are low enough for your cat to climb over comfortably, and thinking about whether the litter you use might be uncomfortable for tender paws to stand in; moving upstairs litter/feeding resources downstairs so your cat doesn’t have to negotiate stairs every time he or she needs to pee or have a drink; providing a step up to the sofa or bed.

We also have several therapy options available to us. Hills and Royal Canin both make high quality complete diets (j/d and mobility respectively) containing combinations of glucosamine, chondroitin, green lipped mussel and essential fatty acids. These have been clinically shown to aid joint function and comfort in species such as the dog and horse, and are believed to be beneficial in the cat also. If your cat is on a specific diet that cannot be changed, or you do not wish to change, there are a variety of palatable joint support supplements available containing similar ingredients.

In terms of managing the pain associated with OA, traditionally a class of drugs called non steroidal anti inflammatories have been used, but these are not with out risk. Now it may not be the first treatment option you might consider for your furry family member but acupuncture can be hugely beneficial in treating an array of medical conditions seen in feline patients, including alleviating pain caused by OA. See what to expect for more info, or please feel free to contact me!


In Need of Doggy Daycare?

Based in Tadworth, East Surrey, with over 25 years dog-handling experience, your dog is in safe and caring hands with Victoria Lord! Victoria is focused on providing a personal and reliable dog-walking service resulting in happy, well-exercised dogs and even happier owners! Never more than 2 dogs walked at a time - Victoria covers Tadworth, Walton-on-the-Hill, Kingswood, Reigate, Epsom and surrounding areas. Please visit her website to see a small selection of Victoria's services or why not give her a call to discuss a tailor-made solution? Victoria also has over 25 years experience with horses. All information is available on her website


Caring for your dog the Natural Way-an experienced owner shares her Knowledge

Hi, my name is Sarah Preston. I am a dog lover, I have a wonderful boxer named Oscar and I am the founder of Oscar’s Organics Dog Treats. Above selling the hand-made dog treats, I wanted to start a website as part of the company, that would become a central place where dog owners could come to get honest, impartial advice on all aspects of how to ‘Treat Your Dog The Healthy and Natural Way’. This idea was born out of spending years searching and researching alternative treatments and answers to help Oscar through certain health issues, when the conventional methods had been exhausted. I would like to bring all that I have learnt in the last 10 years to one place - our website- in the hope that you will find many of the answers you may be looking for, from feeding and weight maintenance to ideas on grooming and training.

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